Ai Outcome is dedicated to bringing data-driven decision-making to the facilities management industry. We build technology that unleashes the power of big data and analytics to unlock hidden value in building management.

Make a real impact

We believe that our industry in on the cusp of rapid, technology-driven transformation because the tangible benefits are accessible now and they will create value for all citizens of the world who use publicly-funded infrastructure. If you are looking for the satisfaction of making a world a little better each and every day, then we will make a great team together.

Challenge yourself

Our goals are ambitious, and we aim to develop the talents of every member of our team. We are looking for great people from different backgrounds who always want to learn new technologies and want to take on new challenges.

Love where you work

To love your work, to love your teammates and to know that you can really make a difference now and for future generations is the vision that inspired us to create this company.

Whether you come from a diverse background, you have different expertise, or you’re just starting out on the journey to mastery of AI and would like to apply your skills in this industry, we’re looking for people with different perspectives.

Posted 1 year ago

THE OPPORTUNITY Ai Outcome is a Montreal start-up founded in 2017 to help organisations create long-term economic value through risk […]

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