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Integrated Asset Planning

Who is the service for?

Public infrastructure owners and managers who want to optimize their capital and operating costs


A tool that democratizes financial infrastructure planning simulation to find the options that are most profitable for the organization.


The result is an optimized blueprint that improves performance, reliability and ensures funds are invested according to your policies and priorities.

In partnership with a recognized firm, we put at your disposal the financial analysis tools for infrastructure managers to evaluate real options, optimize investments, quantify the risks and increase the likelihood of achieving the objectives according to your policies and preferences.


Large number of scenarios and data required to keep infrastructure assets in good shape

Infrastructure owners are looking to keep their assets in good condition, while avoiding unanticipated budget overruns for their replacement (Capex) and maintenance (Opex). Currently it is not possible for humans to consider more than a few possible scenarios.

Example :

for each city segment there are several assets such as water and sewer conduits as well as pavement. So, when you plan your annual works on the water network, will it be more beneficial to repave certain streets, or will you wait for a better timing when other assets approach the end of their useful life? How will you know if it’s time to change these assets? No one knows because it depends on random probability, but in taking into account all combinations you reduce your overall risk by having a global perspective. In addition, techniques are available to reduce your uncertainties where needed, like measuring a pipe condition.


A powerful and flexible financial computing tool powered by one of our partners

AiO proposes to use the power of our partner’s solution to perform these extensive calculations for you and adapt the recommendations to your policies.

It allows to simulate a full range of asset networks through combinatorial analysis (i.e.: organized groups of elements, such as electric or utilities networks), while integrating random phenomena over time (stochastic modeling).

This simulation covers short term and long-term scenarios, using the power of optimized algorithms to produce results that can be validated and adapted interactively and transparently.

Strengths points

  • Adapts to different types of infrastructure networks,
  • Model the evolution of network assets and adapts to your policies by relying on your internal expertise
  • It quantifies the risks of millions of scenarios to leave nothing to chance


It allows to create, configure and modify:

  • several key elements of the management of assets in a flexible way without any coding,
  • different types of constraints (budget, capacity, labor, etc.) to produce real and applicable investment and intervention plans without any coding.


This tool has saved public asset owners hundreds of millions of dollars in capital and operating costs. We know our industry well and work with recognized partners that bring complementary expertise.