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Predictive Operation: game changer in infrastructure management

Who is the service for?

Owners and infrastructure managers who want to save operational cost, improve client satisfaction and become leaders in their industry.


Reduce operating and maintenance costs of infrastructure and real estate assets by predicting and avoiding system failures.


Optimal use of your resources and improved client satisfaction

Businesses and infrastructures need critical equipment to operate efficiently and optimally to maximize their capital investments. Equipment could include compressors, chillers, transformers as well as smaller operational equipment and systems.


AiO’s approach allows you to schedule maintenance at the right time calculated and measured according to the actual conditions of use. The goal is to maximize the life of assets without creating service outage. Adverse events can also be avoided so that your clients’ experience is improved as they can rely on the quality of your services and reliability of your infrastructure.


There are three main levels of maintenance to ensure the operation of your equipment:
  • Reactive maintenance where equipment actually ”run to fail”.
  • Preventive maintenance where equipment is maintained based on the manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Predictive maintenance that optimizes the balance between corrective and preventive maintenance, allowing the replacement of critical components “just in time”.

Reactive maintenance problem

Many companies only perform corrective maintenance for which labor costs are significant because it requires to react urgently and it will be more likely to create service interruptions or adverse events such as ventilation outage.

Problem with preventive maintenance

The preventive maintenance is based on maintenance of equipment according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. The bottom line is that manufacturers don’t know the real status of your assets and will prudently recommend what reduces the risk of breakdowns for all of their customers. This means that you will have to maintain or replace parts that are still, in many cases, in good condition more often that necessary, increasing your costs. Moreover, to avoid risk, the manufacturer will also recommend a shorter service life. So, the majority of customers who follow these recommendations change components and equipment that are still in good working condition, sometimes several months before they really need to be changed. Increased maintenance and equipment replacement create an unnecessary burden on your costs without ensuring a better quality of service.


AiO proposes a new way of managing infrastructure operations that we call Predictive Operation. Teams that are piloting an infrastructure asset are constantly flooded with alarms and messages from different systems. Most of them are useless, overshadow the important problems and distract the operators from their basic tasks. The AiO predictive decision-support solution powered by our algorithm using cloud-based artificial intelligence, help your operators focus on what is important for you and your customers by making the most appropriate decisions. AiO’s approach performs calculation on data from IOT (sensors) and other sources like CMMS work orders to help prevent failures occurring in buildings and plan the maintenance at the right time, calculated and calibrated according to actual conditions of use.
  • Optimization of asset useful life, while reducing service interruptions.
  • System failures are avoided
  • Better client experience
  • Better forecasting: operators make better decisions and take appropriate actions.
Ai Outcome tools brings you Predictive Operation and improved results now.


We know your industry intimately and have developed unique tools to help you make profitable decisions. You will abandon low-productive methods to embrace technology-based practices that will make you stand out from competition. Predictive Operation can produce tangible benefits now and for years to come.