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Ai Outcome changes the way infrastructure assets are managed ... now and for the long term...

Switch to Predictive Operation



(Data + Analytics)Ai = Better decisions
Ai Outcome’s data analytic tools powered by AI help site managers and infrastructure owners make better decisions daily to continuously improve operations, minimize costs and increase client satisfaction
  • Operation and maintenance costs are ever increasing and hard to estimate in a complex bidding process
  • Contract penalties and disputes can be costly
  • Abundant, non- organized data: sensor (IOT), maintenance, incident and failure data (CMMS), data held in corporate ERP systems can be overwhelming

Ai Outcome offers a range of practical analytical dashboards and reports configured for infrastructure management which aggregates data from critical assets, work orders and corporate data bases. Then AiO uses data science models to deliver actionable insights to better operate assets

Ai Outcome believes that true value for infrastructure assets owners and managers will be realized when you can use your experience and business judgment coupled with decision support tools to achieve desired financial and service outcomes.

Our expertise

Knowledge: Data and Infrastructure

Ai Outcome was founded by two managers who have extensive experience in infrastructure management and data analysis industries. It is from the fusion of these expertise that Ai Outcome was born with the intention to innovate and help the infrastructure owners and managers to better manage their assets and transform their industry.



AiO offers secure, cloud-based SAAS solutions accessible from your smartphones, tablets, and computers. The highly flexible and customizable infrastructure operation optimization and critical event predicting solutions provide predictive analytics based on your actual operating data. Ultimately, AiO solutions will lead you towards optimal planning and organization of your operations.

Operation Optimization

AiO knows exactly what information needs to be collected, and in what format, to achieve the objectives you set. Our SaaS tools integrate analytical tools developed specifically for your needs and situation to reduce your resource costs and manage your KPIs.

Smart Monitoring

AiO actively monitors the critical conditions of your equipment and rooms to make sure your operations are always running smoothly. By notifying the involved teams in advance, AiO ensures that you can manage your infrastructure without any unexpected issues.

Incident and Failure Prediction

Our data-driven recommendation tools powered by AI help site managers and operators minimize failures and incidents on specific critical assets. As more equipment gets connected, new opportunities surface to move from “reactive” to “predictive” operation.


Data Science simplified

At Ai Outcome we have experience that we can help improve the efficiency of managers by offering the science of data analytics to an industry that can greatly benefit from it. 

We are able to extract the essence of the information through data preparation, normalization and enhancements of your existing data sets coupled with our AI algorithms and present it in a format that is as familiar to you as a spreadsheet or a text message. This will facilitate the understanding of data and offers you the flexibility to format data in a way that suits you. 

With AI, AiO solutions continue to learn as new data is fed and improve efficiency while adapting to each infrastructure as it gets older. The result: outcomes of increased efficiency, enhanced asset value, more sustainable environmental performance. All in all, a better value for you and the environment.

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